Woodhead Mountain Rescue Team praised by police after ‘life and death’ rescue mission.

Woodhead Mountain Rescue Team have been praised by police for their efforts in rescuing a pensioner on Tuesday evening.

The 77-year-old walker became lost in the moors near Langsett Reservoir and had managed to raise the alarm via mobile phone.

The snowy weather conditions had meant that the RAF and police helicopters had to pull out of the rescue effort. The weather also meant that there was limited visibility which made the rescue mission an even harder task.

Members of the team that were experts in the knowledge of local areas were able to quiz the walker and identify his possible location.

On finding the man, who was suffering from hypothermia, the team provided shelter, warm food and drink and dry clothing.

He was unable to walk anymore and so was wrapped in a casualty blanket and secured onto a stretcher.

Although a rescue helicopter had arrived at the location it was unable to land due to the weather conditions and so the stretcher was to be carried back to the waiting ambulance by the 18 team members in the search party.

They had to carry the stretcher for 90 minutes across a 2-mile distance.

Inspector Simon Owens, of South Yorkshire Police told the BBC “They helped us save a life.”

Woodhead Mountain Rescue team is entirely made up of volunteers and as a charity rely solely on donations from the public and sponsorship.

They continuously raise money to be able to keep the team operational, which amounts to over £20,000 every year.

To donate go to their JustGiving page.

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