University of Sheffield student hit by bus in City Centre

Ambulances and police were called to an incident that happened on West Street on the 6th of December at around 1.40pm.

Teddy Edmond Benkohen, who studies Bio-engineering at the University of Sheffield, was involved in a collision with a bus. He was left with several injuries and was brought to Northern General Hospital for treatment. He was released two days later.

His course mate, Jay Karania, 19, says: “I saw him two days after the accident in one of our lectures. He seemed okay. It was just shocking to all of us; he was literally on his way to an exam, and absentmindedly crossed the street, wearing headphones. I don’t think he heard the bus.“

Anna Whittaker, 19, who witnessed the accident, while walking down West Street says: “I was coming out of Tesco and suddenly I saw a crowd of people gathering outside around a body on the floor. I went to look and saw a young man on the floor with blood on his head, it was really awful.

The bus driver looked so upset too. He was crying uncontrollably while he was being questioned by the police. It really makes you think about being more careful on the roads as one moment can change your life so quickly.“

Benkohen, who is originally from Switzerland, was visited by his mother a few days after the incident occurred.


Have you actively thought about road safety in the past couple of months? If you haven’t, follow these links for more information:



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