Sheffield Council trying to stop dangerous parking close to schools

9 February 2017

Brazen drivers outside Carfield Primary school are creating a chaotic, dangerous environment for children, claims the school’s head teacher.

Despite there being no accidents, there have been several near misses and parents in the local community in Meersbrook held a peaceful demonstration outside the school yesterday.

Parents of children at the school were upset after their attempts to reason with a ‘persistent few’ dangerous parkers fell on deaf ears.

While the majority of the community abide by the parking restrictions in place there, some parents have had enough, after their requests for drivers not to use the street to perform a three-point turn in such a limited space.

Head teacher Lorna Culloden said: “We’re a tight community here but there are some parents who have had enough of the brazen attitude of people parking next to the school.

“There is limited space up that cul-de-sac and there is a danger issue for parents as well as children.”

The demonstration came just 24 hours before Sheffield City Council decide on parking restrictions outside two more of the city’s schools – Pye Bank School in Burngreave, and Oughtibridge Primary School.

In a council meeting at 2pm today, the Highway Committee will review proposals to restrict parking in the vicinity of both schools, as part of the School Keep Clear (SKC) Review.

The proposals are designed to stop people parking at the school entrances and nearby junctions around start and finish times, in order to create a more pleasant environment for both parents and children.

The review aims to help the council deliver their ‘vision for excellent transport in Sheffield – a better environment, a healthier population and a safer Sheffield’.

£100,000 has been allocated to the SKC Review for the coming financial year 2017/18.

Speaking to the Sheffield Star last July, Cabinet member for transport Mazher Iqbal said that Sheffield City Council are aiming to complete reviews of 138 Sheffield schools over the next three years.

Written by Jamie Bell

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