Sheffield tree felling protests continue

9 February 2017

Nine people have been arrested in Netheredge this week over the controversial tree-felling.

Two people were arrested yesterday, while seven were arrested on Monday at Chippighouse Road, one of whom included the councillor Alison Teal.

Teal is the Green Party councillor who represents the Netheredge ward.

“The Amey – Council – Police trio believes that money and authority justify the exploitation of human health and the environment and the repression of those standing up against unsustainable tree felling. I strongly disagree,” Raluca Iancu, campaigner for Sheffield’s Tree Action Groups (STAG) ,said.

Another tree-felling protest took place on Tuesday, 7 February, where people encircled the Town Hall with yellow ribbon.

The tree felling is happening as part of the council’s ‘Streets Ahead’ pavement maintenance project, which aims to improve the condition of roads, street lights, pavements and bridges.

It started back in 2013 and according to plans, roads all round Sheffield are due for improvement this year.

A 40% reduction of energy consumption from lights is claimed after replacing the old street lights.

STAG are continuing with their protests while contractors have resumed cutting down the trees, despite the arrests.


Written by Georgi Tinkov

Georgi is a journalism student.

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