Sheffield woman uses redundancy money to open dementia friendly cafe

9 February 2017

In the hope of chasing her dream of supporting people with dementia a Sheffield woman is using her redundancy money to open a cafe.

Ruth Bartles, 46, from Intake, Sheffield is giving up her current job as a manager, using the redundancy money to kick-start the ‘Remember When’ café project.

At the moment, there are dementia café’s run by the Alzheimer’s Society, however this one the will be open for everybody, in the hope to reduce the stigmatisation of people living with dementia.

Sheffield MIND will be doing some well-being sessions, so it’s a case of not replicating anything but networking, and bringing everyone together, and creating awareness of dementia.

Belinda Black, CEO of Sheffcare said: “Ruth is passionate about not only providing a service for people with dementia and their loved ones but generally increasing everyone’s knowledge about dementia.

“This type of informal social learning environment is lacking within Sheffield and can only have a positive impact.”

Being able to directly and personally help people has always been something that Ruth wanted to as part of her career.

The location of the café is still to be decided, Ruth is looking at one but means you buy the business and you lease out the building but she has not been able to put an offer in yet.

Ruth will be working full time, and her mum will be baking the buns alongside her too. She said: “I’m touch with a someone who is the lead of the dementia care in Rotherham, who will come to help out once a month and be an on hand nurse.”

Ruth will have a ‘memory wall’ of photographs which she hopes will trigger memories of those living with dementia. She said: “when people come in and to hear one of them say “I used to have a dog like that.” It’s the old memories they seem to remember. That’ll be know I have made it.”

“It’s exciting and a bit scary, because I am a single mum, and I’ve never done anything like this before. If I don’t make a jump now and do it, I won’t ever do it” Ruth said.

Please read my feature about my own personal experience with dementia here.

Written by Georgia Leeds

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