South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue team plead drivers to think before they park

A Sheffield fire crew was unable to reach a laundry fire after parked cars blocked their way to the incident.

The team from Rivelin station had to call out another fire engine from Central station to attend the fire via a different route at a nursing home on Roeback Road, Sheffield, on Saturday 28 January.

This meant that valuable minutes were lost trying to reach the destination. Fortunately, no one was injured in the fire.

Sheffield Fire Service are pleading drivers not to block access to narrow streets by parking on both sides of the road.

Sheffield man, Paul Stewart Green, told people on his Facebook post: “Take a second to think, ‘can a fire engine or ambulance get past my vehicle?’ How would you feel if the emergency services were delayed because of your inconsiderate parking?”

South Yorkshire fire and rescue team are urging residents to think about their parking as they could be putting the lives of their families, friends and neighbours at risk.

Area Manager Tony Carlin, Head of Emergency Response, said: “Bad parking is a real problem for firefighters.

“Fire engines require a gap of almost 3 meters to get through. We appreciate that people like to park as close to their property as possible, but please think could a fire engine or other emergency vehicle get through the gap.

“With every second counting when attending a fire or road crash it is vital that they can get down streets quickly and safely,” he added.


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