Tree petition in Sheffield City Centre

16 February 2017

Written By Inez Lau

Members from Sheffield Tree Action Groups (STAG) are holding a petition against cutting down healthy trees in Sheffield by the City Council in town centre.

Green Party Councillor Magid Magid for Broomhill & Sharrow Vale, said their main purpose is to save the healthy majority trees from being felled.

STAG needs to get 5000 petitions of signatures as each time a petition hits 5000, the group gets to go and make two 3-minute presentation at Full Council.

Cllr Magid said: “We do understand some trees are in disease. I would pretty much want to say trees are good to everyone’s well-being and they are such a big part of Sheffield. It’s an identity of Sheffield that we all proud of.

“All we are asking the city council, is to treat the people fairly, treat the trees fairly and stop this unnecessarily tree falling.”

STAG is the umbrella organisation for a number of Local Action Groups which have formed throughout the city since 2014.
Each Local Action Group carries out their own campaign but work together city-wide.

Written by Saskia Marriott

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