South Yorkshire Police probe into poisoned horses

23 February 2017

Police are investigating reports that two horses were poisoned in South Yorkshire.

It is believed that the horses fell ill after being fed a poisonous substance on Saturday 18th February in a field off Carfield Lane, Bolton-on-Dearne in Barnsley.

PC Lee Clarke said: “Thankfully, the horses appear to be on the mend, however the substance they ate has been confirmed as poisonous.

“Our enquiries so far have led us to believe that someone could have fed the horses this substance and we are investigating the incident.

“I’d like to hear from anyone who was in the area at around that time and saw anything suspicious, or who knows anything about the incident.”

Call South Yorkshire Police on 101 if you saw anything between 10am-1pm on Saturday the 18th.


Written by Jamie Bennett-Ness

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