Sheffield charity to conduct loneliness study

23 February 2017

Research into loneliness and possible community solutions it set to be conducted by Sheffield charity TimeBuilders.

James Starky, a TimeBuilders Team Leader, described loneliness in Sheffield as “an epidemic” saying “if we are to do something about it, we have to understand it better.

The first aim of the Loneliness Research Group is to place our understanding in our own communities.”

The charity is to hold group discussions, beginning in March, with members of the public in order to gain a new understanding about the causes, effects and possible solutions to loneliness.

The groups will focus on questions such as ‘When and how does loneliness arrive?’, with each group attending five or more sessions.

TimeBuilders describes loneliness as “a subject which is often taboo in our society” and hopes that the groups will allow communication between isolated members of the Sheffield community.

Mr Starky said “We have learned that bringing people together to discuss a cause so close to heart allows questions of ‘What is it?’ to move naturally to questions of ‘What can we do about it?”.

TimeBuilders runs many volunteer projects, with a focus on work that cannot be funded by the government or the council.

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Written by Katherine Jenkins

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