Homeless given refuge from the destruction of storm Doris

23 February 2017

Homeless people in Sheffield have been thrown a lifeline thanks to a City Council initiative “Weather Watch” which is opening a special crash pad for tonight only.

Due to storm Doris, the extreme weather conditions in Sheffield have left the homeless without a place to sleep and no chance of staying dry.

As Storm Doris rages through the streets of Sheffield, rough sleepers will have no other choice but to continuously walk around town.

A team from Weather Watch has been out in the streets in hope of finding homeless people and put them in provided crash pads.

Ruby Baker, Development Assistant at Cathedral Archers Project said: “People can call if they see someone homeless and that will direct a worker to each rough sleeper.”

Over 70 people have looked for support today in just the Cathedral Archers Project charity.

Miss Baker said: “People who are on the street carry all their belongings with them and they are also carrying sleeping bags. If a sleeping bag gets wet, it’s very difficult to use it again or dry it.”

Long periods of heavy rain accompanied strong winds so staying outside has proven to be almost impossible for rough sleepers.

Archers Project provides laundry services for everyone who is looking for a shelter during the day but the charity closes at night.

More funding for people sleeping rough will be available from the summer.

Sheffield City Council is working with other councils in South Yorkshire to receive an additional £400,000 over two years, starting from April.

The extra funding will be used to help more people, including those with very complex issues.

The council is working with local charities and neighbouring areas to provide better support.

Miss Baker said: “We are always talking to the council, trying to work with them and get funding.”

“We really want to expend what we are doing a little bit more and improve the hours and provide accommodation”

Money, food or clothing donations would be greatly appreciated by Cathedral Archer Project and the homeless people they help.



Written by Daniela Velkova

Journalist University of Sheffield

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