Desirable Dronfield named a top place to live

2 March 2017

Dronfield, the home of the world’s oldest football club, has been announced as the 9th most desirable place to live in the UK.

Experts at the Royal Mail and The Centre for Economic and Business Research analyse factors such as schools, green space and work-life balance to determine the best places.

Dronfield resident Katie Stewart said: “It’s fantastic for families, great for bringing up children. There is quite a lot going on, even though it’s quite a small town.

“People move there when they have children because it is a very nice place to live.

“I enjoy living there, I can’t see myself moving away any time soon.”

The town, which has a population of just 21,000, came below the town of Bebington in Merseyside which took top spot, with north Norwich came in second.


Written by Euan Antona

Second year Journalism Student at the University of Sheffield. @EuanAntona

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