Sheffield enjoys skinny dip surge

2 March 2017

Skinny dippers across Sheffield are taking the plunge, ditching their clothes in favour of “the Naturist uniform” following the success of a Channel 4 documentary.

Since The Great British Skinny Dip was shown on Valentines Day, British Naturism Yorkshire have seen a significant increase in interest in their monthly swims at King Edwards School, Broomhill.

The Great British Skinny Dip aimed to change attitudes about nudity and show a new generation the benefits of Naturism.

Andrew Calow, a Sheffield resident and Chairman of British Naturism Yorkshire and East Midlands said: “The programme was designed to encourage people to give it a go all over the country.

“It feels so good to swim without clothes. In the sunshine you get the full benefit of the sun – you get your vitamin D quota!”

Andrew got involved in naturism following a conversation around the lunch table at work one day. He decided to try it and within 10 minutes he was hooked.

“When I got there I was a little bit nervous and the chap came out with a few words of welcome.

“In a crowd of people, everybody is doing the same thing. Everyone putting on the naturist uniform.”

Naturism for some people can be more than just a hobby and appeals to people of all ages, including an 89-year-old D-Day veteran.

Mr Callow said: “People that are outside the circle don’t see that it isn’t all about swinging and sex.

“The conversations that I’ve had around tables at swimming pool cafes are just like any other conversations that people are having. The only difference being is that the dress code is different.”

Sheffield hosts their next monthly swim on March 19th with a weeklong camping festival set to take place near Doncaster in May.

“Give it a go – there’s nothing to lose apart from your clothes.”

More details about activities and events across Sheffield and South Yorkshire can be found at


Written by Euan Antona

Second year Journalism Student at the University of Sheffield. @EuanAntona

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