Mountain bikers gear up for Steel City Urban Slalom race

The Steel City Urban Slalom mountain biking event will take place throughout some of Sheffield’s most famous landscapes.

The event will take place on March 18, starting on Howard Street and finishing by the Showroom and Howard pub.

It is being organised by Sheffield City Council and Sheffield Hallam University and it’s not the first of its kind.

The city has hosted both the long running ‘This is Sheffield mate’s race series’ to the legendary ‘Iron Justice races.’

The races will begin at 15:00 pm with open practises going on throughout the day before the final at 17:00 pm.

Participants are either invited or can come through the trials which will take place tomorrow.

Places are limited, with only 48 slots overall for entrants.

Rewards for the winner will come from a prize pool of the £10 entry fee and a random prize of the participants’ choice.

The event is part of The Outdoor Weekender, which is a Sheffield initiative to get people outdoors trying new activities.

Other events in The Outdoor Weekender include: ‘Sheffield Adventure Film Festival’, ‘the Climbing Works International Festival’ and ‘The Magnificent Seven.’

What is Dual Slalom?
Dual slalom is a race between two mountain bikers racing two almost identical tracks next to each other downhill. Usually the courses are short, with one run lasting around 30 seconds. The race will feature a lot of jumps and obstacles, and then second time round the drivers will switch tracks. The times are combined and the person with the slowest time is eliminated whilst the winner moves on to the next round until just two riders remain in the final.


Written by Michael Thomas

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