Legal high SPICE hospitalises three in Sheffield in one day

A dangerous strain of  the legal high SPICE is being sold on the Sheffield streets, according to the Cathedral Archer Project.

Three people collapsed at the project after having seizures on Tuesday at the homeless project based at Sheffield Cathedral and were rushed to hospital.

Tim Renshaw, the charity’s CEO, said: “We foresee continuing problems due to new and dangerous strains hitting the streets constantly.

“Our staff team always make people aware when we know of a dangerous strain.”

Spice is the name used for a whole range of different drugs supposed to mimic the effects of cannabis.

The charity recommends people avoid using the legal high and offers supports to those in need.

Jane Harris, Communications Manager at Sheffield Health & Social Care NHS, said: “We are aware that there has been a spate of reported problems related to the use of ‘Spice’ in recent days, with hospital treatment being required.

“We would warn anyone who uses ‘Spice’ to be very cautious as even very small amounts can cause significant problems.”

Listen to our bulletin at 1pm for more.

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