‘Let’s Talk About Sex’: Sheffield first open discussion on sex

9 March 2017

A month-long ‘Sex Festival’ is being held at Theatre Delicatessen, a unique café and art space at the Moor.

Let’s Talk About Sex is a unique event featuring talks, theatre, cabaret nights and open conversations about the taboo topic of sex.

Sarah Sharp, a producer at Theatre Deli and organiser of the event, said: “We wanted people to see a show about sex and feel more confident to talk about the issues they have seen in that play.”

The festival, in collaboration with SheFest and Alive After Five, aims to offer a safe and caring environment to discuss sex in all its forms.

The events, running until April 1, are open to anyone, with specific events for 12 years old and older coming up in the next few weeks.

The event received public funding from Arts Council England to develop audience and getting new artists involved.

Ms Sharp hopes to be able to host more events of this kind to face many issues people do not talk about.

More information about the festival: theatredelicatessen.co.uk/jamsession_slides/lets-talk-sex-festival/


Written by Giorgia Guantario

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