NUS LGBT+ Conference reduced to two days – as Trans Conference created

9 March 2017

Today is the final and second day of the NUS LGBT+ conference, which is again taking place in Sheffield.

The conference is the largest National Union of Students liberation conference and the largest democratic LGBT+ event in Europe.

The event usually takes place over three days and is attended by elected student representatives from universities and further education colleges from across the UK.

The delegates submit, debate and vote on policy and elect officers and committee members. They can also attend caucuses and fringes for certain representative groups such as faith, mature students or black students.

This year, a Trans Conference has been created.


Due to the fact that the conferences share the same budget, LGBT+ conference has been reduced by one day.

This has meant that workshops and talks have been unable to take place.

Joe Lucy, an NUS LGBT+ delegate, said: “There seems to be a bit a jumble. It was hard to stick to the times. The breaks were crept into, lunches were moved around. I feel like if it was three days that wouldn’t have happened.”

Trans issues and motions are still discussed at LGBT+ conference.

Mr Lucy said: “I feel like the Trans Conference is a good idea but what I’ve noticed is that there seems to be a lot of trans motions put forward in this conference as well, so I’m not 100% sure of the actual role of the Trans Conference itself.”


We spoke to NUS LGBT+ Delegate Becca Stroud before the conference:





Written by Josie Le Vay

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