VIDEO: Sheffield City Council will receive £400,000 to help the homeless, but it will “not change anything”

An extra £400,000 is to be provided to Sheffield City Council, amongst others, to spend on providing help for the homeless and vulnerable.

The money will be used to recruit more people to work with the homeless in Sheffield, and those at risk of sleeping rough. It will also be used to further the housing support currently available, so people can access this advice in a safe place in evenings and over weekends.

The money will be split between four councils in the region and the charities and services they work with and will be provided over a two-year period.

Anthony Cunningham, organiser of Sheffield Tent City, said: “By the time the money trickles to someone who is in desperate need there’s no point in the money even coming in the first place.

“You could put £1m into somebody’s fund to eradicate rough sleeping but it’s not going to change anything unless we all start coming together.”

He said that the main problem with homelessness lies with addiction saying that the most effective use of the money would be to pump it into combating this issue.

He said it would be effective to set up shooting galleries and wet rooms, where alcoholics can go and drink in a safe place.

Anthony has urged people to just get out and talk to someone.

“If you feel passionate enough about it, just get out there and help. Do your bit. Go out there and ask the people what they want, what they need. Literally two minutes of your time could save someone’s life.”


One thought on “VIDEO: Sheffield City Council will receive £400,000 to help the homeless, but it will “not change anything”

  • March 16, 2017 at 7:29 pm

    Very enlightening – these figures always sound like a lot on paper when the government announces them but clearly is nowhere near enough, would be interested to read more about how much of these grants actually reach the people.


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