VIDEO: Sheffield FC captain hits personal milestone

Sheffield FC stalwart Carla Ward reached her 200th appearance for the club on Sunday.

The attacking midfielder has now become the second woman to reach the landmark for the South Yorkshire club, which came in their 2-1 defeat to Everton Ladies.

Described on the team’s website as an ‘exceptional player who has real quality and composure’, Ward has loved her time at Sheffield FC.

She told ShefNews: “I knew it was somewhere I could be for a very long time. Anyone that knows me knows that I wear a Sheffield FC hat everywhere I go, it’s a club I love.

They want to know about you, they equally put in a lot of time of what you do away from football. It makes you feel at home; they’ve always tried to have that family environment.”

Before the game on Sunday, Ward explained to ShefNews she was unaware of the milestone:

“A week ago I said to the general manager of the club how far off 200 am I and she said I don’t know, probably thirty, forty, she knew at the time but didn’t want to tell me.”

However, the landmark achievement seemed a distance away when Ward required surgery on her spine for the second time:

“One of the doctors basically said you’ll never play football again. I decided to apply for my B license because if I’m not going to play I need to get into the club in a coaching capacity.”

Since joining the side in 2010, Ward had played for a number of top clubs including Bristol Rovers, Leeds United and Doncaster Rovers Belles.

She will lead the side for appearance number 201 next month, when they make an away trip to London Bees.

(Photo courtesy of John Taff)


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