Andy Burnham talks to ShefNews on the Hillsborough Law

30 March 2017

Labour MP for Leigh and former shadow secretary  Andy Burnham today talked to ShefNews about the new proposed ‘Hillsborough Law’.

The law, which requires police officers to be truthful during inquests and will provide legal aid for berevaed families, has been presented in parliment.

Labour MP Andy Burnham presented the public accountability bill to parliment on Wednesday, with support from both sides of politics.

The bill will make lying or hiding the truth at inquests punishable by a prison term.

It will also give bereaved families legal aid that would match those of public bodies.

The proposed law comes in respone to the way public bodies have covered up tragadies in the past.

Family members of the Hillsborough victims had to campaign for justice for 27 years before the truth was finally revealed.

The bill was approved at the first stage and will be given a second reading on May 12th.

You can listen to the full interview below:

Written by Daniel Murphy

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