England’s Strongest Man helps move furniture into new reading room at Sheffield Central Library

England’s strongest man helped lift furniture and books for Sheffield Central Library’s new reading room today.

Sheffield’s own Paul Smith, won the title last year, and now his lifting abilities are being used to create a new reading room.

The items Paul lifted include large chairs, bookshelves and the original librarian’s desk, which has been in library since 1930.

“Nothing’s too heavy when you’ve figured it out” according to Smith.

Paul says his workout routine includes a lot of “strongman specific” exercises including: tire flips, and lots of heavy lifting.

According to Paul all he eats for breakfast is cereal, and he gets his serious eating in as the day goes along.

Dan Marshall, who works at the library, said: “It’s been really helpful to have England’s strongest man literally helping us move some enormous and very heavy furniture.”

According to the library, the new room will have comfy chairs and plenty of room to create a good reading space.

Marshall said that the event also will hopefully raise some interest for the services that the library provides.

Next month’s theme will be discovering nature, where visitors will be able to get involved in arts and crafts including: making a woodland centerpiece and playing botanical board games.




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