Bennett calls for corporation tax to pay for higher education fees

27 April 2017

The snap elections are taking off as the parties take it to the streets to campaign and convince voters.

Even though the parties are working on their official manifestos, for Sheffield Central, Natalie Bennett from the Green Party has publicly announced her campaign pledges to the students at the University of Sheffield.

In an interview Bennett said: “What I’m standing for is I will say proudly and loudly as I did through the referendum campaign, I celebrate free movement within the EU, that enriches all of our lives and enriches our communities”.

She has pledged to scrap tuition fees, costing about £8 billion, and reinstate maintenance grants which would cost about £6 billion. She also pledged to continue the Erasmus programme and to match EU funding to universities with a UK equivalent after Brexit, which would cost about £6 billion.

Bennett said: “I was talking to a student from Sheffield Hallam’s politics society and he was saying that he’s about to go on an ERASMUS scholarship and he already feels like that’s something lesser. Perhaps in a couple of years, students won’t be able to do that. And if they do, the chances of meeting someone and staying longer, all of that would be more difficult, the freedoms their parents and grandparents enjoyed will be lost”.

UK universities received 15% extra funding from the EU, for research and development. In terms of total income, they received at least 2.6% of their total income and 16% of their research income from the EU, the second largest share of EU research funding.

Horizon 2020, which is the biggest EU research and innovation programme, has provided about £2 billion worth of funds to universities in the UK.

The Leave Campaign promised that recipients of EU funding would continue to receive “equally generous” funding.


Click the link below to check out the full list of the candidates running in South Yorkshire:

Written by Andreas Koumoudis

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