90 portrait exhibition celebrates LGBT people

4 May 2017

An exhibition of over 90 portraits of LGBT people launched last night at Sheffield Hallam University.

The Outcome project captures people from the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community as they are now, as out adults.

Each portrait involves a reference to their current life and a childhood photo.

Just some of the portraits on display in the Cantor building

Photographer Tom Dingley said the project was created to help young people come to terms with their sexuality.

“It’s about the everyday person, to show you can be anything and follow your dreams, do whatever you want to do. I see these portraits as role models for individuals growing up.

“Eventually it does get better. You make friends and you can still be a successful adult. Don’t let the fear hold you back.”

The project began three years ago with the idea of breaking down stereotypes of LGBT people. Since then it has grown to include over 150 portraits of different LGBT people across the country.

Next Friday 12 May, LGBT people in Sheffield are invited to take part in the project themselves.

You can see the exhibition for yourself for the next week at the Cantor building.

Written by Bobby Futter

Second year journalism student and student communications assistant for SSiD at the University of Sheffield.

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