Sheffield to see mental health revamp

Local mental health group Sheffield IAPT (Improving Access to Psychological Therapies), who work with the NHS Foundation Trust, have been granted 1.8 million of funding to help further its services in the city.

Already working with over 12,000 people, it currently offers free psychological therapies, but this extra funding means it can provide more support for people with mental health issues.

Mainly focusing on dealing with stress, anxiety and depression, they offer online help and self help, as well as one to one therapies.

After further NHS cuts have been predicted to happen over the next year and a recent study in Sheffield showing that over half of NHS patients after being discharged from mental health care relapse, this funding comes as a welcome relief to those who are affected by mental health problems.

Tom McGrath from Mental Health Matters, a campaigning society, said: “The country as a whole is talking more about mental health, but there is a lot more that needs to be done.

“I do think the NHS could do more. With things like GP appointments being so short it can feel quite dismissive so a lot of people who may have mental health issues come forward too late because they feel like they are going to be pushed away.”

IAPT is not the only mental health service in Sheffield that is moving forward. Sheffield Flourish, a community that helps people with mental health problems thrive, is also raising awareness in the city.

The group are hosting an event on 30th May to help build a more ‘mental health friendly’ Sheffield, showcasing work from a previous competition back in March from people who have experienced issues first hand.

Jo Eckersley, the digital content and marketing manager for Sheffield Flourish said: “We got a lot of very different entries – video, audio, artwork, written, with ideas that were based on personal experiences, as well as practical. We had a few ideas which came out in different entries, like having special benches where people could meet and talk.

“We work with people living with mental health conditions to use their skills, ideas and talents to build the lives they wish to lead. People who live with severe mental health conditions may be out of work, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a huge amount of valuable skills and knowledge.

“We try to harness this to help build the Sheffield Flourish community, and from the feedback we’ve received this is very effective. When people feel valued they flourish.”

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