Ched Evans rumoured to be re-signing for Sheffield United

8 May 2017

Ched Evans, former Sheffield United footballer, is poised to re-sign for his old club, according to unconfirmed reports from the Sun on Sunday.

Evans spent two-and-a-half years in jail before a retrial was granted and his conviction was overturned in April 2016.

Evans, 28, was originally convicted of raping a waitress in Rhyl, North Wales, and was playing for Sheffield United at the time he was first accused.

According to the Sun, The former Wales striker will earn £10,000 a week, and will receive a £750 bonus for every game he plays, along with a £10,000 bonus if he scores 10 goals or more in a season.

Evans currently plays for Chesterfield FC, and is rumoured to be moving for £500,000 to the club he was released from in 2012.

Evans played 114 games for United after signing in 2009, scoring 48 goals.

Sheffield United co-chairman Kevin McCabe said: “It’ll be great to have him back.”

Sheffield United have declined to comment on the rumours.

Written by Will Pettit

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