National Union of Teachers to rally in Sheffield against education cuts

8 May 2017

The National Union of Teachers (NUT) will take to Sheffield’s streets on the 20th May to oppose the proposed new education funding formula.

The formula would see funding allocated based on deprivation levels and would give more money to rural areas and secondary schools, leaving many primary and urban schools deprived.

Schools in Sheffield would lose a total of £27,253,622 by 2020 if the funding formula gets the go ahead, this is the equivalent of losing 731 teachers.

Simon Murch, Joint Division Secretary for NUT Sheffield said: “It is just trying to raise awareness and getting that message through.

“People are used to teachers saying they are not happy but actually this is a massive thing which is going to affect all children.”

Mr Murch, who is also a teacher at Monteney Primary School in Sheffield, said that the school have sent a letter out to parents letting them know that tough decisions will have to be made due to the proposed cuts, urging them to lobby their MPs to stand against the plans.

The rally will start on Devonshire Green at 12pm, with participants marching down the Moor and up to the town hall for 1pm.


Written by Brogan Maguire

20 year old journalism student at University of Sheffield.

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