2,000 Re-tweets, two DJs, one house party

Two British DJs have agreed to perform at a Sheffield student’s house party after a viral campaign.

Josh Johnson, a second year University student, first tweeted DJ Bassboy on 3 May asking for him to perform at his party next month.

Bassboy set Mr Johnson a target of 2000 re-tweets for the privilege, a challenge he accepted.

After seeing the tweet Skepsis then replied: “2K re-tweets on this then I’ll B2b Bassboy” meaning he’ll play back-to-back with Bassboy.

Within a week the tweet got re-tweeted by 2433 people, and since Bassboy has responded to Mr Johnson, agreeing to do it if it’s planned properly.

DJ Skepsis, 21, from South London has gained a following for his originals, remixes, gritty bassline and intricate rhythm.

His partner in crime Bassboy, 29, has been a producer, DJ and remixer from Birmingham currently touring the UK.

Bassboy said: “I really didn’t think he would get the re-tweets and I am very excited. I have never done anything like this before.”

This viral campaign is one of many taking over Twitter at the moment.

They’ve been growing in popularity since Carter Wilkerson began his attempt to win a year’s supply of chicken nuggets from Wendy’s, an American fast food chain.

To date, he’s managed more than 3.4 million re-tweets and needs 18 million for his wish to come true.

Mr Johnson’s party is set to take place sometime next month.


Written by Eleanor Barraclough

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