Rape culture awareness raised by The Shiloh Project

9 May 2017

Awareness of rape culture is central to a Biblical project that has just been launched in Sheffield.

The Shiloh Project is a joint initiative set up by staff from the Universities of Sheffield, Leeds and Auckland that was first presented yesterday evening as part of The Arts and Humanities Festival hosted by the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at the University of Sheffield.

Dr Johanna Stiebert, Professor of Bible Studies at the University of Leeds, said: “I look forward to working with Katie and Emma on a project that I feel could do a lot of good.”

The project uses Biblical text to highlight the relationship between Biblical rape cases.

Dr Stiebert adds: “The role of the bible is one way to get somewhere with bringing the conversation into public domains and gain interest in the project. The website will hopefully become a resource linking to support articles and sites, full of contributions and exploring biblical vocabulary.”

Emma Nagouse is co- organiser of Sheffield Feminist Archive (SFA) which will integrate with the Shiloh Project.

Miss Nagouse said: “With donations from to the SFA we hope to set up a network with vulnerable women in South Africa and beyond for those who have faced gender-based violence.”

Katie Edwards, co-director of the Shiloh Project and Director of the Sheffield Institute for Interdisciplinary Biblical Studies said: “The Shiloh Project is much needed in current culture where rape is classed as a pre-existing condition.”

Written by Emily Wright

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