Surround sound event best of both worlds

9 May 2017


A surround sound concert event at the Moor Theatre Delicatessen is trying to ditch the formality of classical music.

ALT Events want to create an informal concert setting that will be something enjoyable for people of all music tastes in Sheffield.

The event ‘Diffuse’ gets its name from the technique of sound diffusion and will be a different style of concert that is rarely seen outside of academic circles.

The event will feature a mix of contemporary classical to popular music. This something for everyone style is very unique for arts events in Sheffield and it is something people would like to see more of.

ALT Events’ co-founder, Chris Bell, said “I think it’s really nice to see such an eclectic mix of music in such a different environment.

“Having attended lots of classical concerts in Sheffield, I find the very formal setting quite off-putting as an audience member.

“Equally, I find standing at gigs really uncomfortable. I think this concert is unique for Sheffield and should find a nice balance between the two!”

Karen Sparrow, 38, of Northfield Road, Crookes, said: “I rarely go to small arts events or concerts in the city anymore but when I do I often feel uncomfortable.

“At art galleries or contemporary concerts I have often felt a feeling of snobbery from the other attendees and if that wasn’t there I would always enjoy myself.”

The concert will take place on 10 May and will be £7.50 for general price with £6 for concessions.

Written by Joshua Roberts

Undergraduate Journalism Studies student at The University of Sheffield. Originally from St Helens, Merseyside.

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