SYMAAG celebrates 10 years with meeting

South Yorkshire Migration and Asylum Action Group, which is an organization campaigning alliance for all migrants’ rights, is holding an annual general meeting  to celebrate ”10 years of SYMAAG”.

The meeting will take place in Sheffield Quaker House on the 9 May at 5pm-7pm and will promote awareness of the struggles of migrants across the world.

SYMAAG will also use the meeting to review their work over the past year and plan for the next.

Roger McKenzie, National Assistant General Secretary of Unison and Black Lives matter activist, has been invited to speak at the event.

A spokesperson for SYMAAG said:  “We think trade union members have an important role to play in refusing to act as border guards, restricting access to health and education by checking people’s immigration status.”

One of the victims the charity has helped is Emmanuel Adatsi, 21, a migrant from Ghana who was deported from the UK.

He has been diagnosed with DFSP, a rare form of skin cancer,  and had to stay in the country for treatment.

However Mr Adatsi was detained by the Home Office.

He has filed a petition to get permission for residence in the UK so his treatment can continue.

“I have so much to give if I was allowed to contribute to society. I am not allowed to work but have been volunteering with a cancer charity and taking every opportunity I can to better myself to ensure I am able to find work if I am allowed to stay. I have dreams of an ordinary life and of being more than a cancer patient.”


Written by Yunzhi Xia

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