Three days of finding woollen friends at the cemetery

9 May 2017

Children seeking their woollen woodland friends brought Sheffield General Cemetery to life once more.

The ‘woollen woodland’ event has been held for the third time today with the aim of raising more funding for the restoration of the Nonconformist Chapel.

Marrin Ausrwick, a volunteer for the event, said: ”There are various woollen animals which have been placed around the cemetery and I think people participate actively, especially those who come here with their family.”

Alex Quant, one of the organizers of the Sheffield General Cemetery Trust, believed that this can be a good opportunity to further develop their Chapel Restoration Project.

The Nonconformist Chapel exists in the heart of the Sheffield General Cemetery and has served as a place for family and friends to remember their loved ones before burial.

Works to restore this chapel began in 2014 and have been helped by a wide variety o organisations such as English Heritage, Alan Evans Memorial Trust and The Leche Trust, which enabled the cemetery to expand its educational and volunteer activities.

Janet Clark, another volunteer, said: “The charity has tried hard to get money to restore the Chapel and it was opened officially at the beginning of April this year but it does need more funding for further development. I am looking forward to seeing more people come here to join in our events as well as the Restoration Project.”

A visitor who came to the cemetery with her children, said: ”This place is actually nice for parents to bring their children since it is not creepy and my children really enjoy the experience of finding interesting woollen animals here.”

Written by Jia You

An international journalist.

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