Howling husky dogs leave owners with £2000+ fine

A couple has been fined over £2,400 for ignoring a noise abatement notice issued by Sheffield City Council for the second time.

Stephen and Lynette Hinchliffe, of Armitage Road, Sheffield, pleaded guilty and on Tuesday 9th May and were fined £750 each, with costs of £800 being awarded to the Council as well as a victim surcharge of £150, making a grand total of £2,450.

20 Siberian huskies were kept at their semi-detached house in Deepcar, with neighbours complaining about the noise from the dogs which howled persistently.

Neighbours said that the noise created a disturbance and prevented them from sleeping and continued to be a problem. A recording device was installed in a neighbour’s property and 18 breaches were recorded.

The couple were also fined £2,450 in May 2016 for the same problem; they pleaded not guilty but the court found in the council’s favour, and they were fined.

Problems with noise can be reported to Sheffield City Council’s contact centre by telephone on 0114 2734567.

Council officers will try and resolve noise complaints by first providing help and advice. If this does not resolve the problem, then there are legal powers the council can use to try and achieve a resolution.


Written by Saskia Marriott

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