Charity fraudsters going door-to-door in Sheffield

15 May 2017

Fraudsters claiming to be from mental health charity Mind have been going door-to-door in Sheffield.

A complaint was made to the charity’s national branch that people had been knocking on people’s doors in the Parson Cross area of the city.

Pretending to be charity collectors, they then asked people for donations.

The charity’s Sheffield branch tweeted this morning warning people about the scam.

The tweet read: “Someone is going door to door in the Sheffield area supposedly collecting for Mind. We DO NOT collect door-to-door.”

Lindsay Doyle-Price, Business Development Manager at Sheffield Mind, said: “We are concerned that people are exploiting the good name of Mind to make money. We have notified the relevant authorities and we hope that whoever is doing this stops.

“If people want to donate they can do it through the branch. We want to make sure that people’s money is protected.”

Mind is a charity that provides advice and services for those suffering from mental health problems.

To donate, click here:

Written by Matt Atkins

Studying Journalism at the University of Sheffield.

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