Police offer advice after rash of vehicle break-ins

15 May 2017

A rash of break-ins across the north east of Sheffield has led to South Yorkshire Police issuing a warning to car and van drivers.

Police have said vans with tools and cars with items on display are most at risk.

Inspector Richard Burgess said: “In particular, it would appear that people have been targeting work vans to take power tools. I’d advise people with work vans to remove tools overnight.”

Police also offered a number of other tips to lower the risk of being targeted.

They have advised parking in areas which are well lit and covered by CCTV, and fitting your cars with additional locks or an alarm.

They have also suggested security tagging tools which are left in vans overnight, so they could be later identified if stolen.

Anyone with information on any recent thefts can contact the police on 101.


Written by Nathan Makalena

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