Sheffield sex offender jailed for 12 years

15 May 2017

A teenager from Sheffield has been jailed for 12 years, after admitting to four sex offences, four robberies and a wounding.

Ismael Admassu, 19, from Stannington in Sheffield, appeared at Sheffield Crown Court on Friday, and was charged with sexually and physically assaulted four women, before stealing money and valuables from them.

An investigation was launched after police received reports that a man had attacked and threatened four young women, in Sheffield city centre last October.

The arresting officer, PC Boldero, was aware that the suspect was armed with a weapon, and chased him, managing to arrest Mr Admassu with the stolen property still on him.

PC Lucy Garside, who investigated the incidents, said: “Admassu has been punished for his despicable actions, and the threat he poses to others has been removed from the community.

“Admassu used violence to intimidate an prey on his victims for personal gain.

“I would like to thank the brave women involved for reporting the traumatic incidents so quickly, giving the attending officers the opportunity to arrest the suspect nearby.”

Mr Admassu pleaded guilty to the attacks, and has been placed on the Sex Offenders Register indefinitely.

Written by Emily Smith

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