Gang attack on Burngreave Road

A man was attacked by a gang at a Pitsmoor car wash on Saturday.

The victim, reportedly male, was beaten with a metal bar on Burngreave Road, Sheffield at 11:50am near the Diamond Hand Car Wash, according to witnesses.

One resident said: “Some people are saying it’s a stabbing, some people are saying it’s a shooting, I don’t know what to believe.”

A few of the vehicles inside the car wash were badly damaged, one with its front window smashed and dented, another seemed to have crashed into the back of a third vehicle.

An employee at the Diamond Hand Car Wash said: “They were fighting outside, then came inside and continued to fight.”

Police officers were still at the scene after 2pm.

A police spokesman at the location said: “It’s not as severe an incident as we first thought.”

He also said that everyone involved was OK but was unable to make any further comments.

Further down the road towards Burngreave Vestry Hall there was a house also cordoned off.

A statement from the South Yorkshire Police is yet to be released.


Written by Sally Dobie

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