Blood donors urgently needed in Sheffield

17 May 2017

A shortage of blood donations has sparked Sheffield Blood Donor Centre to appeal for more people to come forward.

The centre is holding an event called ‘Give Blood’ and is encouraging Sheffield residents to play their part and donate.

Blood donations can be used to cure and treat medical conditions such as anaemia, cancer and blood disorders.

According to Sheffield Donor Centre, only 4% of the population give blood.

A nurse at the Blood Donor Centre said: “I think donating blood leaves a good feeling within yourself. You know that you are helping somebody who needs it when you are giving blood.”

She added: “We get around 60-75 donors every day here in Sheffield. It is good to know that people want to help us and contribute with their donations.”

Our reporter Michaela Bergerova donated blood today and this was her experience.

“I have tried donating blood for the first time today and I have to say, it’s quite an easy process.

I needed to fill in a couple of forms before I actually donated blood.

This was so the Donor Centre knows that you are eligible to donate.

The blood donation itself took about ten minutes and someone is sat with you the entire time to see how you’re feeling.

As it was my first time donating, I felt a little bit faint, but it only lasted for a couple of minutes.

After your donation, you will get salty crisps to elevate your blood pressure, how great is that?

If you wish to donate blood, please do not hesitate to contact Sheffield Blood Donor Centre to register as a donor on 0300 123 23 23.

You can also register online at

Or  just walk in and donate right away.


Written by Michaela Bergerova

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