The Nordic Society celebrates Norway’s national day hoping to recruit more members

People will be dancing and eating hot dogs as they celebrate Norway’s national day with The Nordic Society in Weston Park.

The name of the national day, ’17th of May’ is taking place in Weston Park in traditional Norwegian spirits with hotdogs and ice cream, and later with games and discounted drinks at the Interval.
The event is open to anyone interested to join.

The society recently started up again after a year of inactivity, and has hosted several events such as a Eurovision party and a marathon viewing of the Norwegian hit show “SKAM”.

Suzanne Johnsen, 19, event planner and the founder of Norwegians in Sheffield, said: “This is one of the first major events we have had open to the public. We are a small community, but next year we are expecting 19 new Norwegian students so we are hoping that the society will grow. Hopefully they will all be here to celebrate 17th of May with us next year. ”

The Nordic society has 50 members on their Facebook site, who are mostly Scandinavian.

Fredrik Rentsch, 21, a member of the society, said: “The Nordic Society is a very good community to have for a foreign student. It`s a good way to meet people from home and share common culture and interests.”

The Society encourages anyone interested in Nordic or Scandinavian culture to join the Nordic Society (NordSoc) on Facebook for updates on meetings and events.

The event will end at 6pm.

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