Wellness Wednesday offers respite for stressed students

17 May 2017

A new student open-day will welcome stressed students in need of relaxation ahead of their exams.

The Collegiate Crown house, on West Bar, has set up a ‘Wellness Wednesdays’ event for students during this stressful period.

The event today, which is the final of three, aims to boost social, physical and mental health.

A number of local therapists have given up their time to help, meaning that attendees will benefit from a number of free services including Indian Head Massages, laughter yoga, health and nutrition talks, mental health discussions, reflexology and stress management advice.

One attendee today, Ella, 20, said: “This is the first time I’d heard about the event, I’m here for the free massage but it’s a great place to stay and do work because it’s so peaceful.”

The new accommodation will be available for students as of September 2017 but the team wished to open up early to showcase the new facilities.

Lindsay Blades, the accommodation manager, said: “We’ve had a lot of people through the doors and they’ve all had the same reaction, that it’s very peaceful, they love the space.”

The Wellness Wednesdays are not just a one off event, the team at the Collegiate Crown House are currently discussing ideas for future workshops but have yet to settle on any themes.


Written by Holly Harper

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