Sheffield NHS trust group to take part in charity walk for a Ugandan hospital

A team of NHS trust workers will strap on their walking boots this weekend for the 25.6 mile Peak District Peak Challenge.

The walk is in aide of developing the mental health services at a linked hospital called Gulu in Northern Uganda.

On May 20th a group led by NHS trust workers, Hedley Bishop and James Sherwin, will be taking on four of the highest points in the Peak District.

The staff from the trust will work with nurses in Gulu and the UK, to share their skills and help develop their Hospital and its services.

Mr Sherwin said: “Their healthcare system isn’t as advanced as ours.” Adding: “they’re a society that believe in the witchdoctor.”

Although no NHS commissioned finance will be provided, the Chairman and Chief Executive on using other financial means to help.

This includes the creation of an independent charity the Sheffield Health International Partnerships, a catalogue of items that staff can purchase that supports the Partnership, Payroll Giving, and Applications to external funding agencies.

Mr Sherwin said that last year the group raised £1600 that was put towards hospital equipment and even a motorcycle that was used to transport patients.

Every little helps according to Mr Sherwin, who said that even £10 goes a long way in the Ugandan hospital’s current situation.

Mr Sherwin said that the added distance will be the group’s biggest challenge this year, but they are looking forward to the experience.

The group have a just giving page you can visit by clicking here and say they need all the support they can get in an “uphill struggle” against mental health services in Uganda.

Written by Michael Thomas

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