Crimewatch axed by the BBC after three decades

After being on the air for 33 years, the BBC have decided to end Crimewatch in favour of their new programme, ‘Crimewatch Roadshow’.

The former 9pm mainstay of the BBC was first hosted by Nick Ross and Sue Cook in 1984.

It has seen many other presenters during it’s three decade span, including Jill Dando, who was murdered during her stint.

The last ever episode aired in March 2017, which was presented by Jeremy Vine and Tina Dahely.

Thanks to Crimewatch, 57 murderers, 53 Sex offenders/rapists and 18 paedophiles have been captured and convicted for their crimes, as well as many other criminals. It was an amazing example of the power behind television.

Many viewers took to twitter to express their views on the programme’s sudden cancellation:

Crimewatch has helped catch criminals within Sheffield as well as across the country.

Here are a couple of times where the powers of Crimewatch helped bring people to justice:

Shaun Wainwright, 46, was convicted of the murder of Simon Holdsworth in 2015 and given a life sentence by Teesside Crown Court. Crimewatch released CCTV footage of the Wainwright on the night of the murder, which helped to find a witness who could identify Shaun.

After the case, Crimewatch even released a ‘How they caught’ video of the details of the case.

Crimewatch has even forced a Sheffield lady to flee the country in order to avoid being caught.

In 2015, Katrina Jones duped businessmen of £394,000.

After a crimewatch appeal was released, Katrina fled the UK to Australia to avoid her capture, and returned to the UK under a different name, only to be caught by police trying to con an animal charity out of £88,000.

Crimewatch may no longer be on our screens, but the work it did to put criminals to justice won’t be forgotten quickly by the public, or the police force.

Sam Constance

Sam Constance is a second year student Journalist at The University of Sheffield. He is originally from the South West of England and usually writes about sports, travelling and food.

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