Sheffield Green Party demand better facilities for Sheffield Station

17 October 2017

The Green Party have called for an improvement in facilities in Sheffield train station and an equitable investment with the south.

Douglas Johnson, Green councillor for City ward, responded to the East Midlands rail franchise consultation with a list of key demands for the Northern railway.

These include better public toilets and Wi-Fi , good cycling provision or bus provision to the station and better public transportation information.

East Midlands is consulting on the future re-franchising of the rail contract, which includes the Sheffield to London main line, local lines and the management of Sheffield Station.

The Green Party also focused on the importance of reducing pollution in the station area as well as an improvement on waste reduction and recycling facilities both on board trains and at the stations.

The Green Party has called for electrification of railways and an equal investment for the north and south of the country.

Councillor Johnson said: “In our response, we are clear that modern railways should be inclusive for all, affordable for all, accessible for all and minimise harm to the environment, for the health and wellbeing of all”

“This is not just about faster, more comfortable journeys to London. We want to see investment in rail in the north and station facilities that contribute to the city centre”.

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