Sheffield Students’ Union starts a #ReusableRevolution to reduce the use of plastic

17 October 2017

Megan McGrath, the Students’ Union Development Officer, kick-started her #ReusableRevolution campaign this month, aiming to ditch single-use plastics.

The campaign began with a free screening of ‘A Plastic Ocean’, followed by a panel. Nearly 200 people came to watch the documentary exploring the effects plastic waste leaves on the oceans and asked their questions to a number of guests from the environmental field.

Megan’s Revolution aims to reward environmentally friendly behaviour by persuading shoppers to buy reusable cups, boxes and straws.

Students can save 10p by bringing a cup for their coffee, or 15p on a New Leaf salad if they have their own box. In addition the shop is stocking recycled products in their new eco section like bamboo toothbrushes.

Megan is also introducing two food waste bins in the SU which will be turning your leftover lunch into biofuel and biofertilizer

She said: “The Reusable Revolution is about educating people on the dangers of single-use plastics and how they can cut it out of their lives. I hope a lot of people are going to get involved and the campaign attracts a lot of attention. This is just the start of it so there will be new changes throughout the year.”

There are some events that you can look out for if you missed the launch of the campaign.

The first Student Thrift Store is on the 9th of November where students can buy and sell second hand and learn how to upcycle old clothes.

The Christmas Vegan Festival is on the 16th of December with seven local companies, talks by vegan activists, lecturers and documentaries.


You can find Megan and keep up to date with the campaign at:



Written by Dafina Staykovska

Second year Journalism Student

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