There is more to coffee than Costa and Starbucks

Although you might enjoy your morning coffee at Starbucks or Costa, for an extra 20p you could have over-the-top delicious coffee that tastes like heaven in your mouth.

Coffee is a lot like wine. There are hundreds of different types and flavours out there to explore. If you could choose between the most amazing glass of red wine or a glass of three half stomped grapes, wouldn’t you rather have the first one?

The term ‘speciality coffee’ is used to refer to coffee that has scored over 80 points out of a 100 by a certified coffee taster or a quality grader.

Unlike most coffee chains, speciality coffee shops offer a variety of coffee types and beans from all over the world.

The coffee beans have been grown at the perfect altitude, at the best time of year, in the best soil, and picked just at the right time when they’re at their absolute best.

This harvesting method results in tasty, delicious coffee.

Barista and quality grader Will Nye has been working with speciality coffee for 5 years at Marmadukes Café Deli in Sheffield. Marmadukes’ coffee has an average score of 85, which grades it as ‘excellent’.

According to Mr Nye, quality isn’t the only good reason for choosing speciality coffee over coffee chains:

“The ethical standpoint is the main thing for me. I think it’s important to support independent shops, because at least here you know the farmers have gotten a better price for their goods.”

The Berlin based company The Barn is one of the leading speciality roasters in Europe. The Barn is a good example of how speciality coffee shops make it their duty to support
sustainable and traceable farming.

By paying “premium prices” they also join the fight against the exploitation of coffee farmers – a major issue in third world countries.

Although chains like Starbucks have been stepping up their ethical game in recent years, their coffee is still as bad as a cheap bottle of wine.

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