University Students’ Union cracks down on tobacco

17 October 2017

Cigarettes in the Students’ Union at the University of Sheffield will now be harder to come by due to measures taking place to combat smoking.

The student supermarket Our Shop has reduced the range of tobacco on sale and made cigarettes less visible.

The changes came about as a result of the outcome of a campus-wide referendum held by the SU in spring, which backed a ban on tobacco sales.

However, the referendum only needed 25 votes of support and the proposal was not discussed at a Union council meeting in April.

The Union instead decided to compromise and end trade of certain brands of cigarettes.

Students’ Union officer, Thomas Brindley, said: “Due to the sales of cigarettes and tobacco significantly reducing and changes in tobacco packaging legislation including increasing the minimum pack size to twenty, the Students’ Union considered stopping cigarettes in Our Shop.”

The move received a mixed response from students.

One university student said: “It’s sad to hear the news because I have to go to the city centre, and I live on campus, which means a long walk for me.

“I guess the University believes that it will prevent students from smoking; however, they will still do it.”

Another current student at the University of Sheffield said they would have been glad if the Our Shop reached to the decision of banning tobacco as there are alternatives way of students purchasing a variety of cigarettes elsewhere.

Economics student, Alia Ibrahim, said: “I’m with the suggestion to stop selling cigs because I feel like students smoke enough as it is.

“If the university is keen on putting a stop to their habits, then selling it in the SU shop isn’t such a good idea.”

After reviewing the reasons for and against the banning tobacco in the Students’ Union, it was decided that Our Shop will still sell cigarettes to students but there will be less variety.


Written by Deema Abu Baker

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