200 Sheffield residents taught CPR skills on Restart A Heart day

19 October 2017

Around 200 people were taught life saving CPR skills at the University of Sheffield’s Restart A Heart day.

Students, staff and the general public were all welcome to attend one of the seven free sessions on Thursday.

Ashley Gill, who works in finance at the University and was one of the teaching volunteers, said: “Initiatives like this are really important.

“First of all, it gets people thinking about first aid and about helping people.

“It gives people confidence so that if they are in a situation that they would be able to jump in and help.

“The more people who are trained the more chance there is of helping people in a crisis.”

Participants were taught the basics of CPR, how to find a defibrillator, and what to do if someone is unconscious.

Last week, a group of Sheffield Hallam students saved the life of an unconscious man in Boston Street, Highfield, by giving him CPR, highlighting the importance of days like this.

A participant, Jana Mokrisova, said: “It’s a very short course so you can participate and learn the basics.

“Its something that everyone should know.”

Another, Jo Mirfield, said: “I’m interested in learning CPR, it’s an important skill.”

Advice given was to follow four steps – call, pump, shock and smile.

For more information, visit the NHS Restart A Heart website.

Written by Charlie McGrath

Journalism student at the University of Sheffield.

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