Cohesion Sheffield tries to bring communities together

19 October 2017

Cohesion Sheffield is actively looking for ways to bring communities in Sheffield together and reduce crime rates with collective efforts.

On Monday October 16, Cohesion Sheffield was launched by the Lord Mayor of Sheffield, Coun Anne Murphy, at Sheffield Winter Gardens.

It established a citywide “Cohesion Strategic Framework for Action”, aiming to make Sheffield a place where everyone feels welcome and treated with dignity and respect.

“Cohesion Strategic Framework for Action” has been developed to work across all sectors, private, public, voluntary and faith to support organisations, business, and groups.

Panni Loh, Development Co-ordinator of Cohesion Sheffield said: ”The underlying principles are that cohesion is not undermined by diversity but deprivation, and that at all times we must look at all our actions through the cohesion lens.

”Cohesion Sheffield was set up to work with business and organisations to encourage them to develop their own cohesion action plans that ultimately feed into the citywide framework.”

In terms of local safety issues, the situation in South Yorkshire is worse than last year.

The number of violent crimes taking place in South Yorkshire was 3,934 in August, which is an increase of over one thousand compared with last year.

Recently, there have been serious stabbings in Sheffield and a man with a knife was spotted in Sheffield City Centre yesterday after the stabbing.



Police blocked the site after stabbing happened in Sheffield City Centre.


Mrs Loh said that an aim of Cohesion Sheffield is to enable communities to be more resilient and to allow organisations and statutory services such as the police to work together cohesively to address community tensions and prevent escalation into violence.

She said: ”It requires addressing issues of inequality and social justice.

“We want the best possible futures for all, including young people who may be trapped in a cycle of violence.”

The exhibition of Cohesion Sheffield will be on display until 23 October.


Written by Tiange Zhai

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