£835,000 team to tackle Sheffield crime

An £835,000 warden team is to be put together to tackle crime and nuisance in Sheffield neighbourhoods.

Coun Jayne Dunn, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods and Community Safety, announced the plans in response to complaints by residents from areas such as Fir Vale and Page Hall.

According to the Star, Coun Dunn said: “There is an awful lot that we can do, and we need to make sure it is what the community want as well.”

This news comes as the Office for National statistics reveals that the amount of crime recorded annually has risen by 13% across England and Wales – hitting the five million mark for the first time in ten years. Recorded crime in South Yorkshire has risen by 27%, with violence against the person haven risen by 49%. Violent crime has gone up by 19% in England and Wales.

Residents listed problems such as urine in the streets and prostitution, which ShefNews has seen first-hand in some of the streets of Walkey ward in Sheffield.

The scheme, funded by the grant for two years, will be known as the “Sheffield community investment deal” and will see wardens with enforcement powers walking and monitoring the streets in shifts. The funding will also result in an extra six community development workers who will be the link between residents, community groups and the council.

Recruitment for the scheme begins this November.




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