Grant Thornton hold a Great Yorkshire Cycle competition between Sheffield and Leeds

Grant Thornton LLC are holding their own Great Yorkshire Cycle competition in their Sheffield and Leeds offices to raise funds and awareness for Breast Cancer Care, as it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Both sites have a fixed electronic cycle in their client lounges, with 25 people in each site riding for 15 minutes, the office that rides the furthest will win.

Everyone, from directors to assistants, is giving up their time and energy to raise money for the charity.

Sally Holden, a member of staff at Grant Thornton, she said: “I’m going to be biased and say I hope that Sheffield win, but that’s because I’m Sheffield through and through. I’ve worked for Grant Thornton Sheffield office for 20 years now”.

Charity buckets have also been placed around the Sheffield office, and staff are wearing pink to raise awareness for the cause.

An office sweepstake is also taking place to bet who will ride the furthest, and Breast Cancer Care leaflets have been spread around the office to raise awareness.

Sally continued: “When we set this up we said it’s not really about fundraising it was more about the awareness.

“We have volunteer days, we have local communities where we might go and help them, we did a gardening project in Heeley one year for instance.

“We do a lot of corporate social responsibility as a firm, as a whole.”

Grant Thornton have a Just Giving page, which can be found here:



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