5 Fresh DIY Halloween Costumes

31 October 2017

If you’ve made it to Halloween night without a costume – fear not! Here are five do-it-yourself ideas fresh from West Street to help inspire your last minute costume choice.


White shirts with blood.

A Halloween DIY staple, the white shirt and fake blood combo is a classic. Easy to assemble at the last minute but still capable of expressing your creative flair. Most people have at least one miscellaneous white tee lying around – add some rips, cuts and slashes then apply a liberal amount of fake blood. Why it’s so common for white shirt wearers to get cut up, I’m not sure – but the back story is up to you!

Burglars and bandits.

The bandana and mask are easy to create and can be added to almost any outfit – bandits don’t follow a dress code! A different take is to customize a white shirt with duck-tape stripes for that classic cartoon burglar look.


Arguably the scariest costume idea on the list. Teletubbies make for a great group costume idea. Brightly coloured t-shirts, tin foil tummy TVs and pipe cleaner antennae. If your group has a fifth member, there’s always Noo  Noo.

Green guy.

The Incredible Hulk or the sweetcorn loving Jolly Green Giant, the choice is up to you. Either way you’re likely to be looking a little off colour Wednesday morning. Green face paint applied all over combined with a hand detailed green t-shirt and you’re good to go.


When in doubt, go cat. Always a popular choice, add ears and drawn on whiskers to almost any outfit for an instant cat costume. If you’re feeling extra crafty you can create yourself the accompanying cat’s tail from stuffed socks or tights.

Written by Christian Hopewell

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