Protesters to campaign for Orgreave inquiry

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31 October 2017

Campaigners are holding a protest in the city centre tonight, about the lack of an inquiry into police actions at the Battle of Orgreave.

The protest is being held throughout town, starting at Devonshire Green at 5:30pm and ending at Sheffield Law Courts.

This is being held by the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign.

They are continuing to campaign for a full inquiry into the events at the Battle, which happened just seven miles from the city centre.

In June 1984, at the height of the Miners’ Strike, large numbers of miners were arrested and injured among scenes of violence at Orgreave coking plant as they picketed against closures around the country.

All charges were later dropped against those arrested, but questions have remained about the conduct of the police on the day.

A year ago, the Home Secretary Amber Rudd again denied an inquiry to campaigners.

Joe Rollin, chairman of the OTJC, told the Star: “Theresa May’s rhetoric about tackling burning injustices was clearly ignored by Amber Rudd.

“For this Conservative Government it is establishment business as usual. For many the wounds of Orgreave are as fresh as if it was yesterday.”

Written by Ben Warner

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